Site Credits

Our MurphyKing marketing team worked to create an effective website for your use. The goal was to have it be easy to navigate, enjoyable to use, beautiful to look at, informative about the community, thoughtful in all aspects and extremely effective at helping you buy, sell or rent a home.

We knew you would go to the site to learn about buying, selling, renting or living in Carpinteria and the surrounding area. Please let us know if there is something we should add that would be helpful.


Averavant is a web design studio focusing on mobile and responsive design. They took our ideas and put them into the format that works. Their patience, knowledge and expertise made it all possible. Amerivant can be concacted at Ameravant

Photos of Carpinteria

David Powdrell

Extraordinary Renaissance man and Carpinterian David Powdrell generously allowed us to use images from his beautiful website David Powdrell. We are grateful for his clear, crisp images that illustrate the joy, beauty and serenity of Carpinteria. Thank you David!


The beautiful mosaic of homes hangs in our office. This mosaic was given to us nearly 30 years ago by our friends Dan and Nanc Christie. Nanc’s mother had been an elementary school teacher. In the class room, Nanc’s mother had created the little clay houses with her students then assembled them into this beautiful piece that rings of folk art. We are grateful to have received it in our office.